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Informed consent

This (online) informed consent form is signed by all our patients before our services can be used.

This informed consent form is provided to you to obtain your consent to allow MedPoint Curacao to provide you medical service and testing services. For individuals under the age of 16, or other individuals who may not be capable of making informed choices about their health care, this form is provided to their parents or guardians for evaluation on behalf of the individual. For patients who has the age of 12-16-year, parent and child must come to an agreement. Otherwise, the doctor decides in the interest of the patient.

General consent for the performance of medical consultation: 
I understand that MedPoint Curacao requires consent of the client, and may require the consent of a parent or a guardian, for the provision of medical services. I understand that a medical record may be prepared and maintained about me by MedPoint Curacao.

Emergency situations: I acknowledge that there may be urgent situations where MedPoint Curacao may need to carry out services or procedures that were not fully discussed with me (or my parent/guardian) beforehand. I provide my consent for such services and/or procedures to be performed under such circumstances.

Testing services.

MedPoint Curacao offers testing services that match the high standards set by well-established testing service providers in Curaçao. Please note that MedPoint Curacao cannot be held responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages incurred by the client due to the testing service or the client’s utilization of the test results.

Consent to share health information.
I understand that MedPoint Curacao may share my health information with other physician offices, pharmacies, labs, hospitals, and/or insurance companies for treatment, payment, and healthcare operations. By signing this informed consent form, I consent to the use and disclosure by MedPoint Curacao of my health or medical information for these purposes.

Consent to communicate via email.
By signing this informed consent form, I consent to communication via non-secure electronic means, such as by email or Whatsapp.

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